The Race Card/Canard

I grew up in Dallas, in the fifties and sixties.  Things were different then.  I recall black signs on city buses reading, “Please move to the rear.”  It didn’t take me long to realize that those signs were not for me.  I recall the N word used casually by neighborhood kids and classmates even though we understood, like Attitcus Finch, that the word was “common.”  I recall the evening news regularly leading with civil rights marches, water cannons, Bull Connor with his dogs.  And I don’t see those things now.

I know that racism still exists.  I know, and have known, some actual racists.  But I’m not one.  I realize there are some people who won’t buy this; they seem to know what’s in my heart by the color of my skin. So I won’t protest.  But there’s one thing I can do.

This is a picture of my family:

My Family 

It was taken last winter, on the occasion of my mother’s funeral.  Besides me, there’s my two children, my two sisters, one nephew, four neices, several great-neices and nephews, three in-laws, and one granddaughter (the little igrl at the lower left).  None of the young people are adopted; all are blood relatives.  I’m proud of this picture, and grateful for my family.  I’m not particularly virtuous or revolutionary–In fact, I’m pretty conservative.

And oh yes, I’m opposed to the health care plan President Obama is advocating.  I’d rather not question his motives or his intelligence or his background; I’m looking at the plan.  Illegal immigrants and “dealth panels” aside, I don’t see how layering another bureaucracy on top of an already-tottering bureaucratic structure will make health care more efficient and affordable.   Government does not tend to be efficient and affordable; that’s not the nature of the beast.  And the unimaginable burden of debt will crush all of our children, no matter their color. 

I share the President’s desire for affordable health care for all Americans.  But I believe there are better ways to meet that goal.

So I oppose the President’s policies, not his color.  I realize such protestations won’t satisfy Jimmy Carter, or Maureen Dowd, or Al Sharpton.  So I’ll just smile, and –oh yes: would you like to see a picture of my family?


One Response to “The Race Card/Canard”

  1. Melissa Forte Says:

    Nice card! I am not sure I ever got a copy of it! I sure miss grandma.

    I agree. Just like when we started the war, I was against it and still am, however I support our troops, having a strong military and I think we need to keep our military in there now. However, in general I am against war.

    I find it funny some people are getting completely upset about various military services going into the schools to recruit our children. They complain about the government and all the so called racists acts supposedly happening with various government owned institutions…

    Regardless how I feel about it, these are PUBLIC schools and it makes perfect sense the government (who owns them) who recruit for a government run operation-like the military-in order to guarantee our countries spot in the high ranks of military strength. It is not just the bodies they are after, they are after the educated mind that can visualize and create technology that provides the protection we need.

    I bet these same people along with everyone else in America, including all the refugees that FLEE here and immigrants who work hard for legal status…would not live anywhere else. A lot of other countries do not live like we do and have the access to everything we do, even on the internet.

    So yeah, I am not a Obama fan either. If that makes me a racist, then I must have been asleep the past 36 years.

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