Chapter Two

. . . In which our hero tries to accomodate himself to being a mutant. What do you think about his response? Do you have any sympathy for him? Let me know!


24 Responses to “Chapter Two”

  1. Max Stoner Says:

    I don’t think he had the best reaction for his situation. It just seems he is taking to many risks like the coat incident. I like it that he is using his wings, but I don’t think he is using them smartly. But I do have sympathy for him. I think the part about bird-boy meets baseball brings the most sympathy because he always wanted to play base ball and now he can’t play. It makes me feel sad because if I were in that situation, I would feel rejected.

  2. Emily Says:


    I came to the site to look over the second chapter again but now I can’t seem to find it. : ( Sorry. From what I remember, here are a few of my likes and dislikes.

    Like: 1) the humorous use of his bird powers. Very creative. 2) I like that he doesn’t get to play ball. It evokes empathy and sets him on an even more unique path to find his place in the world. 3) Also like the introduction of some “bad” characters. Helps give the story some fuel to run on. 4) Oh, and I really, really like his relationship with the older aunt. Love how she tells it like it is and won’t let him get away with his normal disfunction.

    Dislike: 1) as in any first draft, the story feels a bit myopic. There are so many avenues of his life that aren’t developed yet, that it seems strange to focus so much on this one aspect of his life–his relationship with the punks. 2) Not really sure yet about this flying coach idea. Not sure why he needs it over any other kind of help. I wonder if this shouldn’t be introduced a little bit later, after we’ve seen his need for it a bit more? 3) I can’t help but wonder where are his parents in all this? Why is he so close to his aunt? And what about his school? Doesn’t he have any friends? But I’m sure you’ll be fleshing some of this out in the coming weeks.

    So, keep up the good work!

  3. Baylee Says:

    I think I would not have much sympathy for him because I would love to have wings. Plus and He should embrace what he has as a gift, not many people have that power. So I think you should put in that he has sympathy because that will make the readers ( ME! ) want to keep reading. So that is my opinion. Thanks I love your writing!

  4. Lns Says:

    I’m a 5th grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think that Roy Ray isn’t acting appropriatley by acting out just because he is different but it does make the story more interesting so I would keep him acting like that. I don’t think that an ordinary boy would act this way because a normal boy doesn’t have these probloms. I do have a liitle bit of sympathy for Roy because he isn’t normal, but I still think that it would be really cool to have wings and that he shouldn’t be complaning. But I still think that his attitude is better and more entertaining to read about than if he didn’t have any problems.
    And I guess that the 4 inportant charecters are the Baseball Coach, Bat Boy, Billy, and E. Ponymouse Godwit.

  5. HKF Says:

    I am a 5th grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I thought it gave some good information about the main character, and started to show the problems he has with his life. Lots of parts made me laugh. I also liked how some of the other characters developed into the story better, plus the ending that left me wanting to read on. I think you did a good job with this chapter.

  6. A.R.S Says:

    I am a 5th grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think Roy Ray responded to the wings like any other kid would have done. I show sympathy for him because imagine how hard it would be to have wings your whole life and nobody else has them. I like it how Roy Ray is using a advantage like dropping stuff on the peoples head. I think it adds a little more action to the book.

  7. cah Says:

    Hi I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. For question number two I say that yes most normal boys wouls do the same things so yes I do have some sympathy.

  8. CF Says:

    I am a 5th grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think he should deal with it and not act bad. They’re just wings. I don’t think that should be an excuse for him to act badly.

  9. kk Says:

    I am a 5th Grade student from Leon Srings Elementary. No, because normal boys don’t have wings and fly around on accident on a baseball feild. I especaily don’t think normal boys drop cheese on other boys heads. Yes, i do feel bad for him – he can’t follow his dream being a baseball player. But he does not handle things well like the cheese situation.

  10. B.M.S Says:

    I am a 5th grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think you should deascribe the setting a little more,and I feel sorry for him BUT he should not do the things he’s doing like screaming too loud.

  11. jsh Says:

    I am a 5 grade student from leon springs elementary. I thinck he is handling it very well because with all this he could be whining and crying and i realy think it depends on the tipe of person. Yes I feel sympathy for him because some people might not like him just because he has wings. Yes i think it might be a little bit long and just a little to much details about what he has to do just for his wings but it is pretty intersting so far.

  12. jbcheaney Says:

    My son, who drew the picture that gave me the idea for this story, doesn’t really understand why Roy Ray doesn’t appreciate his wings. My son thinks it would be COOL to have wings. And it would, if you could fly. But if you can’t fly all that well, it seems to me that wings would mostly be a bother. That’s what I’m trying to bring out in this chapter. Thanks for all your comments!

  13. L.E.P Says:

    I am a 5th grade at Leon Springs Elementary. I like chapter 2 because he has a problem that he is trying to solve. He has trouble with it but, he talks to his aunt. I like how the baseball coach let’s him have a chance, even though it didn’t work out.

  14. kpm Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. This chapter was even better than the first. I felt kind of sad because Bird Boys baseball coach said he can’t play the game. I still loved it though.

  15. JNJ Says:

    I am a 5 grade student from Leon Springs Elementary. I like it but there is a little to much backstory. I dont think you need to say thing like he was screaming loud. Over all I think improvement is needed. Also this goes along with his aunt. I dont think she should have kept . Plus is that needed.

  16. KWC Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I like this chapter because it throws you into Roy Ray’s problem, how he has to deal with wings.

  17. EDD Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elemantry. Chapter two was alot better than chapter one. Because there was alot more action and there wasnt so much boring back story and details.

  18. CJR Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think chapter 2 should have more detail like if Roy Ray needed to customize his uniform by cutting holes in the back of his uniform. I also say it needs a little more
    explanation on how he got the wings in the first place, I`m really curious
    about most of the story and the things it tells about.

  19. ejg Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. He was handling it well at the beginning because at first he was having fun with it but then he starts to pull pranks and that’s not good. It seems like how an ordinary person would act with wings because he’s having fun with it I guess. I kind of have sympathy for him becuase at the end of this chapter everyone looks down on him and that’s kind of hard to deal with but also it was Roy Ray that made them feel like that. I think the 4 important characters are roy Ray since the story is about him, his parents because… well they’re his parents, and mr. Godwit because you closed the chapter when he said his name.

  20. JWB Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. For what is going on right now it seems natural for him to act this way. If this was happening to me I would be act this way. I don’t really have any sympathy for him. I think he can take care of him self. Or needs to.

  21. ssp Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. Yes, I think an ordinary boy in his situation would act the same way. He couldn’t really help it. I feel really bad for him. I mean, he really likes baseball. I would be really upset if that happened to me. I think Roy Ray, Aunt Agnes, Billy Gecko, and the baseball coach are the main characters in this chapter.

  22. Z.H. Says:

    Hi im a fith grader at Leon Springs Elementry.I think hes not handling it well because he could just calm down and try to figure out whats happenind?what should I do?I think
    an ordainary boy would react this way too because he’s a bird
    Id freak out!Oh and yes i do have some sympathy for him.

  23. I.B Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary.Well the first part of chapter 2 was kind of boring.Well by first part i mean the first 3 paragraphs .So he becomes Gabriel in every christmas pageant.I also think that roy ray is putting his centeral problem to use.It is hard for roy ray though, being so diffrent from other boys.The only difference was that gift of his on his back.I also think that any ordinary boy would probaly use his his wings to prank people or help people (i think he is going to use them for pranking).An Ordinary boy would probaly say something like “man this is so cool” or “What the heck is happening to me!!!” or even “Im a freak, Im a freak, im a freak, im a freak, IM A FREAK!!!”anything like that.In one of the questions you asked me if i had sympathy for Roy Ray and my awnser is is very hard being the only one of your kind.(just until Mr.Godwit a.k.a Edward comes along)So i have a great deal of sympathy for Roy Ray.

  24. AJZ Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary.This I think is one of my favroite chapters. This chapter is good because it consisted of baseball and pranks. The only time I would probably give Roy Ray any sympathy is when he got kicked off the team for what seemed to be a 10 ft. jump!

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