Chapter Five

Time passes, and Roy Ray crashes–in more ways than one. You can get right into it here, or through the home page.


27 Responses to “Chapter Five”

  1. Shelby Moss Says:

    I like the information about other Avials because then the readers, like Roy, want to learn more about them as well. I also like the training. The radio is also good, it gives suspense to the story, as well as the ending!

  2. Mrs. Strasser Says:

    I have just ran across this online activity. I am very excited to introduce this to my fifth grade students as we begin our next writing project. What a great idea!!

  3. LNS Says:

    I am a fifth grade student from Leon Springs Elementary School. I think that the existance of other avials makes Roy less special. Maybe you should take some of the them away. But I do like the thought of other avials because that lets Roy wonder if he is doing good or lacking in his traning. So bassically I would just take some of the avials away, but keep some!

    • jbcheaney Says:

      A few of you suggested that maybe there shouldn’t be any other avials, or there should be less avials, because the competition makes RR seem less special. That’s an interesting idea; I hadn’t thought of it before. You might expect that some or all of them will appear later–when and if they do, maybe they’ll seem more worthwhile.

  4. A.R.S Says:

    I am a fith grade student at Leon Springs Elemantary. I think the Avails are interesting, but they do make Roy Ray a liitle bit less important. I am getting tired of Roy Ray doing all the traning. Thats why i think you should stop focusing so much in all the exercising and just work on the flying.

  5. E.D.G Says:

    I am a fith grade studeny at Leon Springs Elementary. I think its starting to get very interesting and it makes me want to read for hours. I actully dont think it makes roy ray less special but thats me. The only reason I think the radio is important is because Mr.G dosent want roy to hear it. Oh and the training is getting boring.

  6. EJG Says:

    Hi I am a 5th grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I’m not getting tired training because you kind of take out the parts where they just train and put in the important parts or the amusing parts. And how Mr.G talks about other avials makes the story more interesting and makes me want to read more because I think the other avials are gonna be phisycally included. The only reason the radio seems important is because the way mr.G is always keeping Roy Ray from bieng close to it.

  7. Z.H. Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. To be honest yes I am getting kind of tired of the idea that nothing important is acomplished without alot of hard work. Although I think hinting at it once or twice is ok.

    As fot there being other avials I think that yes it does add more to the story because it lets the reader know that RoyRay isn’t the only avial known to the world.

  8. B.M.S Says:

    I’m a 5th Grader at Leon Springs Elementary.Chapter 5 was 100% glued to my eyes. This chapter was the best yet SO FAR.
    If I am still reading this story then you have enspierd me to read
    and wright.

  9. kk Says:

    I’m a 5th grader at Leon Springs Elementary. Well that is a lot of the story is about how he is always training. The whole story is not all about that but you need something else. You should put something suprising in. The radio maybe important because it is what lets birds and people be both like Roy Ray.

  10. jsh Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. I am a little bit tired of the training and I do think it is less special because he is not the only one that has the wings.

  11. ssp Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. It doesn’t make Roy Ray less special. And all the training is making it a lot more interesting for me. I really want to keep reading.

  12. I.B Says:

    I agree you cant achieve anything big without doing any cruical work.Like what if i want to join the NBA (Shooting for NFL) i would have to do so much work to even get to a college that will teach me more stuff which will introduce even more work. Yeah i would try to do so much extra credit in school and so much work to acieve this one goal. When Mr.Godwit said all that stuff about other avial it kind of makes Roy Ray less special because i just realized hes pretty much no hero or chosen one becuase to the other avials Roy Ray is pretty much a noob (means a beginner or beginners luck) . Also i still don’t think GUN-ter is a good way to pronounce Gunther.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      I.B: Gun-ter is the way you pronounce it if you’re German! And you never know: Harry Potter was a noob at first, wasn’t he?

  13. Z.H. Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary.Yes it does add more interest because now people are coming in (I mean other bird people)probaly sooner or later hes gonna have a new bird friend and he will share all of his thoughts and how he just became a bird.Well the radio probaly is important because maybe he needs to know how to actually talk like a bird or maybe even sing like one.On the radio its probaly showing how to sing or talk like a bird.

  14. ssp Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. It doesn’t make Roy Ray less special. And all the training is making it a lot more interesting for me. I really want to keep reading. Mr.G wouldn’t tell Roy Ray about the radio, as if it was a huge secret. It must be pretty important. I bet Roy Ray really wants to learn more about the radio. Maybe it would reveal a secret that he really should know.

  15. J.W.B Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think the training is starting to get boring. Because it keeps on and on. The avails are interesting but I think that makes Roy Ray less special. I mean there is more people like him out their it’s not like he is the first one with wings. The radio doesn’t seem that impotant to me.

  16. Z.H. Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary.I think it will happen when maybe Roy is talking is talking to Mr.G and he maybe comes to them or maybe in the classroom.I think more needs to be happening and faster because just in the last chapter Roy found out Mr.G was a flying bird too so things really need to be happening faster.Plus put more cool,and amazing,you know stuff to make a reader jump ou of the seat and say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jbcheaney Says:

      Z.H. You may be right about the WOW stuff, but for the first few chapters I was trying to stress how ordinary a kid Roy Ray is–or thinks he is. That’s what makes me say wow (but not in capital letters). Like, wow, here’s this kid who suddenly starts growing wings but he seems like a normal kid in most ways, how come he’s got the wings? I agree more should be happening, but just not the really amazing stuff. Yet.

  17. Z.H. Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary.Well I think that the last part of a story shoudent have alot of action or detail.I think the last chapter should just tell about how he knows how to hadle himself,make a friend bird,and a little bit more detailso it can be a good ending.1.Well his parents are fighting.2.His teachers dissapperance.3.Has no guides to help him.4.Maybe someone kiddnapped him or he ran away.(Mr.G.)It was just the second last part of the ending so I do think that it should wrap up everything that happend before and put it into this chapter,so at the very last chapter you dont have to write alot,and have a happy or an unhappy ending.

  18. Z.H. Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary.I think I can help him because even though hes ready,he probaly still needs a sidekick to help him.I think Mr.G left on his own because,I guess he thought that Roy Ray knows everything now and doesent need help anymore,he has his training coach teacher,and im guessing he got a little old one of those reasons I guess might be it.It should probaly end by MrG coming back,and having a good ending.

  19. ljo Says:

    I am a student at leon springs elementery and i think that u should get a move on in the store iwill ………… STOP READING!!!!!!!!!!!!! there i am done (for now).

  20. JNJ Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. I really enjoyed this chapter EXCEPT for the way you started the chapter. What I like is that hes tring to fly in the chapter. The digusting part was the T.V show eating a tarantula. GROSS! The part with the introduction of Mr.G was kind of boring so I think you shouldnt keep it in the story.there were some funny parts to like when Roy Ray’s insructer made him spit out the gum. I think that was very creative thinking. Overall I think you did a good job excet for some small things.

  21. KWC Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think the existence of other avials makes Roy Ray less special. And, if I was Roy Ray, I would be getting tired of all that work.

  22. L.E.P Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. This chapter I liked because he is really learning is lessons now. He is telling Mr.G that it is impossibe, but he kept doing it until he got it. He is alittle stubron, and I like that in this chapter.

  23. Linda Says:

    Our class liked the great examples of visualization with descriptive phrases that they could picture. We liked having other avials in the story because we’re curious about them and we think RR will be curious enough to want to beat them in challenges. The training was a little long, but obviously necessary.

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