Chapter Eight

We’re still in that turning point, and here’s the point at which I will start to ask: What do you think should happen from here?  I know what I wrote, but somebody else might have a better idea.  Let’s hear it!  Check out the chapter here, then come back with your wild and crazy plot twists.  Or anything else you’d like to say.


16 Responses to “Chapter Eight”

  1. Max Stoner Says:

    What I think should happen is when Roy leaves the house , Mr. G goes after the pictures. As he is walking down the train track, Bill the lizard and the girl team up on him, abduct him , and hide him in an old train station.
    Or maybe when he lands in front of the news papers the head line says BIRD MAN SIGHTED IN ????????????????????. I don’t know where he would have been sighted in the story though.

  2. LNS Says:

    I am a fifth grader from Leon Springs Elementary School. You asked what if I had any ideas for Mr.Godwits disapperence and this is it:I think that Mr.Godwit should run away. He ran away because Delphi is his daughter. I know that Delphi already has a dad, but maybe you could make it that Delphi’s mom and Mr.Godwit were married had Delphi and then divorced Delphi’s mom.

  3. HKF Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. This chapter confuses me a little. To me it seems like the twins and Mr. G have a connection, but how? I like the way that, for once, he’s got to do something big on his own. Also, the major problem is here. Point for you, ’cause I was getting bored for a while there. But you saved me with this chapter, so good job.

  4. E.D.G Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elemantry. I like this chapter because there is action. Im not the type of conversation person and all that stuff. So if some body tells me that this book is real good I will ask them if theres action if there is I will read it. But if they tell me its romance or somthing then I will be all like “how can you read all that stupid stuff.” So I am really enjoying it.

  5. Z.H. Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. Here is one of my ideas, what if RoyRay discovered that all the other avials were abducted by the same guy. So lets say RoyRay discovered all this. wouldnt he at least try to rescue the others? I say yes. That is one of my ideas!

  6. EJG Says:

    I am a fifth grader from Leon Springs Elementary School. I have alot of ideas for you. I think maby Mr.G secretly listens to aliens with that radio and finds out that want to rule Earth to stop them. Or maby her haers to guys over the radio saying there gonna comit genocide so Mr.G wants to stop them and (this part goes with either one)goes to gather all the avials to stop it.Or maby he is captured by this order of people who want to kill every avial, but is badly injured. He makes it back to Roy Ray’s house, tells him about the villain’s plan to hunt down all the avials because they think the avials are against god’s creation and tells him where their files are hidden. Then, Mr. G dies becuase he was injureds. Or maybe he was kidnapped by Bill the Lizard for revenge.

  7. A.R.S Says:

    I am a fihth grade student at Leon Springs Elemantary. I thnk you should say that Mr.G was kidnapped and that one of the other birdboys should have found this out and he was jealouse. That would make the story interesting and i know i would keep reading on. I also think Roy Ray should get kidnapped as well and so should the girl who took all the pictures. Good job keep it up.

  8. kk Says:

    I’m a student at Leon Springs Elementary. With Mr.G gone it makes the storie more intresting. Where could he be? If he is looking for the little girl than how does he Know Roy Ray is prbaly going to get the pictures from the girl who called and said she would give them back. But if he is kidnapped who will kidnap him? Bat Boy? This chapter and chapter 7 are one of the best. They should make a movie of your stories.

  9. jsh Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. Well I think I can’t help him and i think he leaft on his own because All of those clues say that: he wouldn’t be so quiet and it woulld at least be a little bit messy. but i also think he went soon because he didn’t want to wait for roy ray to hurry up and just wanted to get the girl.

  10. ssp Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. I don’t think its very likely that Mr.G got kidnapped. I think he just wanted to stop that girl from taking a picture of Roy Ray. If he was kidnapped, I think bill would’ve done it. He probably wanted to stop him from teaching Roy Ray how to fly.

  11. I.B Says:

    The Truth is i don’t have any questions on Mr.G. Hes just a mysterious man with wings to me. I also hope he was kidnapped because that wil involve a rescue which also involves action and adventure. Yeah i would like him to be kidnapped because that would introduce a lot more action and adventure. I would also like him to be kidnapped by one of his students and if that happened i would laugh at the turn of events. Yeah that would make a major twist in the book which i like. Yeah so much would be happening if hes kidnapped by his best student. I.m also wondering if Mr.Godwits wings got cut up a bit because how could you fit wings like taht in a jacket with only a small hump on your back as a result.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      Good thinking, I. B. I like the idea of a student doing the deed. And I like your idea about his wings . . .

  12. L.E.P Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. I like this chapter because Roy-Ray feels like a hero. Well at least befor Mr.G found out. Mr.G kinda panicked when Roy-Ray told him. After Mr.G dissapeared it wants to make you read the next chapter right after.

  13. K.M.P Says:

    I am a Leon Springs Elementary Student. In the beginning of the chapter Roy’s parents are arguing about the aunt’s (aunts Agnes and Flavia). Roy continues his training but without Mr.G because he is missing. And he spends alot more time with Delphi.

  14. JNJ Says:

    I am a student Leon Springs Elementary. I enjoyed chapter 8 at some points. But it could use less detail. I think that Mr. G left on his own. I think Delphi may be a little amazed at Roy Ray.

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