Chapter Nine

Nine is a classic detective chapter–at least I think so.  Herein a question is answered, but more questions are raised.  We also raise some deep philosophical questions, such as how an author keeps the pages turning, and what year should a classic automobile be.  Read all about it here, and I hope to see you among the comments.


26 Responses to “Chapter Nine”

  1. Emily Says:

    Very interested in the Delphi character. I sort of wonder if she might be introduced a little earlier. Also, you might consider giving her a stronger entrance–something where she’s not quite so passive? It might help me have a better feel for her character.

    I’m assuming the twins have a role later on in the story and that’s why they were brought in and ushered off so quickly. At any rate, they seemed a little forced.

    I really liked the scene when Roy Ray takes off on his own to find Mr. G. The description of his finally coming into his own and taking flight was really gripping. I wish he hadn’t come back home. I wish there had been some way to keep the suspense going without having him come back home semi-defeated.

    I’m quite curious to see where all these radio/car clues are going to lead. I am imagining some web of carnie’s and dubious newspaper folks converging in the disappearance of Mr. G. He doesn’t seem so much like the kind of fellow who would need rescuing, though. Maybe he’s gone off to fight a battle he can’t quite win on his own and one which Roy Ray is uniquely suited to fight?

  2. jbcheaney Says:

    Hmmmm. You’ve raised some interesting ideas, Emily. Thanks!

  3. Max Stoner Says:

    Being quite experienced with detective stories, I really like the suspense you add to the story. It really does make me want to turn the page! I wish I could help you with your car problem though, but I don’t know very much about chargers or classic autos.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      I don’t know much about classic autos, either. I just remember them. I guess that makes me classic, too!

  4. A.R.S Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Spings Elemantary. I think the clues about the radio where good. I like how Mr.G would listen to it at night and when Roy Ray saw him and would not tell him about the radio, that was a good clue. I think the mystery is doing good as well, i know i will read the rest of it. I do not know any classic autos so i can not help u any there. Keep it up!

  5. lns Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Spring Elementary School. You asked if I wanted to go to the next page and did I think that the story is taking off.
    I really wanted to go to the next page. It is getting more actiony and it makes me try to figure everything out, but I like how it makes me want to keep reading and I like that I don’t know what is going to happen next.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      Ins: I think I can promise you that from now on it’s going to get more actiony. I just hope it all makes sense!

  6. E.D.G Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elemantry. Chapter nine was to me realy interesting and kind of like a mystery chapter. I liked it because when they’re looking for clues Roy Ray notices the car battery so he looks in the hood of the car and finds the radio they find the secret button and push it and Roy Ray hears the wierd sound that he heard the other night. So I thought it was realy cool when Roy Ray found the radio and heard the wierd sounds.

  7. HKF Says:

    I am a 5th grade student at Leon Springs elementary. I think this chapter is very exciting. I like all the detective stuff, even though I don’t read those. I still would like to know more about the radio. i think you’re right, it does give a little mental click, but I want a bigger one. I laughed a lot during this chapter. I like that you add a little humor in. I think serious books get a little annoying, so i’m glad you’re not that kind of author. Keep the action going and don’t make it too sad. That’s basically it.

  8. cah Says:

    I am a fith grade student at Leon Springs. Yes the ending of this chapter makes me want to scream because of the suspense. I love it!

    I really did NOT have an “aha”moment. I do although predict now that it will play a key role in finding Mr.G

  9. EJG Says:

    Hi I am a 5th grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think suspense gets the reader interested to read more because if you raeding like a adventure story and somebody gets betrayed and they might die or something. It makes you want to know whats going to happen to them so you read more. I really want to read chapter ten now because they found out the radio and I didn’t really think the radio was important so it was a surprise to me.

  10. cah Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. Personally I have no idea who the person on the phone is. As for Delphi’s father I don’t think he is either good or bad. I say just don’t make him an important charcater. The story for me has taken off and I think if it keeps getting more exciting the story will be a greay hit.

  11. jsh Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I do think that suspense is true that it keeps the reader turning pages wanting more and I do want to know what happens so badley. it’s just the mystery cought me and I want to know what is coming next.

  12. KK Says:

    I am from Leon Springs Elementary Yes I do think that suspense makes a character want to read more and more like you do in your storie. When Mr.G disappeared it made me want to read more.

  13. B.M.S Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think you did really good on this chapter. I like how it started and how it ended. I got a litle confused with the
    conversation on page 6 and 7. Page 1 was great I understood everything. Ithink the suspence was great.
    I realy wanted to read what happend next.

  14. ssp Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I do think that suspense is what keeps the reader turning pages. At the end of the chapter i really did want to keep reading. I want to see what happens next.

  15. Z.H Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary.Yes I think it is true about suspense because there should always be a mysterious mystery. Yes I do think it keeps a reader turning pages because I want to know more about whats going to happen.Cool! because my uncle actually makes cars and sells cars,so he knows alot about cars.

  16. AJZ Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. This chapter is on the right track. to your question suspense is a totally What kept me reading your on a good track!

  17. I.B Says:

    I am a fith grade student at Leonsprings Elemantry. Suspense is what keeps me hooked at least. i dont know about other kids but i guess it keeps them hooked too. I like supense because it keeps me wondering whats going to happen next like when someone wants to tell me a really important secret but never gets the chance to i stay up all night thinking about the millions of possibilities that could be the secret. I just ge so curious. Once when i was reading a very,very,very suspensful book i skipped a page to see what would happen but i neve did that again. So i am obliged to say that suspense does keep us young readers hooked or glued to the book. I do want to go to the next page to see what would happen because they have just (Delphi and Roy Ray) Discovered the missing Mr.Godwits Mysterious radio. That radio was something i always wondered about. I do enjoy this so just keep up the Action, Adventure, Suspense, and mystery. If you do this you will have plenty more of young readers reading this fascinating book.

  18. JWB Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think that suspence is true and yes I want to go to the next page after this chapter. If that Charger was made in 1969 I would make the year 1969. I think that would make sence. Also about suspence I think it’s true it happens to me a lot if I am reading a good book. The radio doesn’t really seem imporant I quess Mr.G just like that odd music he listens to.

  19. L.E.P Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs at Leon Elementary. I like this chapter because it is very interesting. I like how Delphi helps him out. They are trying to find clues to see if Mr. G was kidnapped. They found the radio and you wonder I finally get to find out what the radio is saying. It makes you want to keep turning the pages. Right after you finish the chapter you want to pick up the next one.

  20. LJO Says:

    I am student at Leon Springs Elementray. I think this chapter was the best and the reasen I like it is becase it had a lot of secreits and I like this chapter I really do.

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