Chapter Eleven

This chapter sets up a big change in Roy Ray’s fortunes–things can’t go on the way they have been.  There’s also a change inside him that’s not as easy to spot.  What do you think of these changes?  Read the chapter here.


17 Responses to “Chapter Eleven”

  1. Emily Says:

    Sometimes I think the middle of the story is the hardest. All the pieces of fabric have been cut, and now the author has to put them together so they start to take shape. My favorite part of the chapter was seeing Roy Ray come into his own during his training. There is some really beautiful writing in that section, and I found it really intriguing as to what is coming next. It seemed to whet my appetite for where all that training is leading him!

    I had a bit of trouble trying to follow all the new twists. I have so many questions about Mr. G and the radio and paparazzi and Delphi and the insurance company and a key chain. I wonder if there’s any way to help the reader resolve a few older questions before adding all the new ones? I’m especially sad about his losing Delphi’s help, though I’m hoping that she’s not gone for good.

  2. A.R.S Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Springs Elemantary. I see the clues about all the weird phone calls and how someone knew about the radio. I think the papparazi should make a good part in this story aswell. I am still wondering what happened to Mr.G because nothing has really been mentioned about him. You should start giving clues about him. Good job.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      A.R.S.: Thanks for the tip about Mr. G, and I like your suggestion about including more about the paparazzi. I’ll think about that one.

  3. lns Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Spring Elementary School. I think that the story is starting to act strange for these reasons:
    1.) The filming people went through all the trouble to come to Tomahawk Chop to film Roy Ray when they could just use a fake person and add propts.
    2.) Roy Ray keeps hearing his name and Mr. G’s voice.
    I like all the strange happenings though. It keeps me flipping the pages! It is finnally starting to get to the action and I like that!

  4. E.D.G Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elemantry. This chapter I thought was kind of boring. I thought it was boring because half of the chapter is about that stupid sales person offering Roy Ray all this stuff. So if there were more action it would probaly be better.

  5. HKF Says:

    I am a 5th grade student at Leon Springs elementary. I think that the insurance company has something to do with the bad guys. It’s just too weird how an offer pops out like that. The job fits too perfectly. Also, I love that you don’t make things too obvious. with some books, things are obvious, and that frustrates me.

  6. cah Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think that although RoyRay would never admit it he has developed some integerty.

    I think the main clue is the silver wings on the key chain. I mean that is kind of obvious but at the same time not too obvious. I do like it that way though cause it gets me to think about the story which gets me anxious to read the next chapter.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      cah: I think he’s developing some integrity, too, without knowing it. You’ve probably noticed this about the novels you read: the main character usually has to change in some way.

  7. EJG Says:

    Hi I am a fifth grader at Leon Springs Elemantary. I think the people from the life insurance are wierd because the company is based on Icarus.He drowned. Also another thing is that keychain that had wings. Roy Ray has wings and if it was supposed to represent Icarus it would have keys.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      EJG: You’re more suspicious about the Life Insurance company than Roy Ray’s Parents! (Unfortunately for him.)

  8. jsh Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. I think ory ray will let his training slide because it might seem werd to him that his teacheris gone and won’t be there.

  9. CF Says:

    Hi I am a fifth grader at Leon Springs Elemantary. I think Roy Ray should keep traning so he can get better at flying on his own and won’t be pushed like Mr.G was. Becase he had a dream about falling while hewas flying.

  10. ssp Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary. Roy ray decides to train by himself. Maybe he wanted to be ready if Mr.G came back. but he gave up on wednesday. Well Mrs. hightower had a man-sized handkerchief. That’s obviously not normal. she also had a keychain. it wasn’t a normal one. there were no keys. there were just a pair of silver wings attached to a ring.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      ssp: you’re a good noticer. Mrs. Hightower might have a man-sized hankerchief because she sneezes a lot. But there’s another reason–you’ll find out later!

  11. AJZ Says:

    I am a fifth grade student at Leon Springs Elementary.I am not sure how Roy Ray will keep in touch with Mr.G I think Roy Ray made the right dision by night flying.

  12. Z.H Says:

    Hi I am a fifth grader at Leon Springs Elemantary.I think roy ray will let it slide because he still needs a little bit more help on stuff and he was really counting on Mr.G to help him train. Plus he’s really used to Mr.G and he shows alot of respect for Mr.G.

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