Chapter Fourteen

Roy Ray finds himself in a place that could be anywhere.  The situation doesn’t look that threatening at first–it’s comfortable and his host seems friendly, but what hints do you see that that this place may not be as nice as it seems?  Also, two new characters appear who aren’t really new at all.  One you’ll recognize, the other probably not.  I’d say more, but I don’t want to give any more away.  The question is, this chapter introduces a brand-new situation and you don’t know any more than Roy Ray does.  But you should at least know that much.  That is, you should feel the same kind of curiosity he does and want to find out what’s going on.  But if it’s too confusing, you’ll just feel. . . . confused.  So what is it?  Are you curious or confused?   Go here to read the chapter, then let me know what you think.


16 Responses to “Chapter Fourteen”

  1. max stoner Says:

    I don’t think there is enough detail. Personally, if I was in his situation, I would give the place a good look around. I have a lot of curiosity about where he is physically.

  2. lns Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Springs Elementary School.
    You asked if I was curious or confused. I was confused this whole chapter. I thought he was still in the van, but he was in a room (I think). But I like that he doesn’t know where the voices are coming from. That makes me curious.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      He’s been fainting a lot. That’s why he keeps waking up in strange places. I could make it a little more clear, though.

  3. K.M.P Says:

    I am a 5th grader at Leon Springs. In this chapter it seems like Roy Ray is always hungry. The best part is when he meets Bat Boy it was so exciting for him to finally meet Bat boy I beat Bat Boy was excited to meet Roy Ray to.

  4. Z.H Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Springs Elementary School.Im confused too because 2 new characters dont you think thats coming a little too suddenly.I dont really see the new person and the old person.What new person is he or she?

    • jbcheaney Says:

      It may be too much at once, but the old person is somebody you’ve seen before in disguise. You’ll find out soon who it is.

  5. A.R.S Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Spring Elemantary. I am a little of bit of both. I am curiose because all of a sudden Delphi shows up out of no where that part too cause did they take him back home and she went to his house or did she some how track him down with the radio. I think it would be cool if she showed up with Mr.G and thay kinda like saved him!

    • jbcheaney Says:

      Nice suggestion, but there’s no way Delphi and Mr. G can get together. She’s at her house with the radio, just where he left it. But they’ve figured out how to communicate using the radio and the transmitter. That will help a lot!

  6. AJZ Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary. This chapter is the best of all! At this point I am curious to see the next chapter. The mysery with Bat Boy and the Princess it is realy good.

  7. HKF Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Springs Elementary School. i don’t have much to say about this chapter, only that it is AWESOME!!!!! I had so much fun reading. You did an excellent job!

  8. EJG Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Spring Elemantary. I’m a little curious about Bat Boy because is he on Roy Ray’s side or not?And who really is Delphi?

    • jbcheaney Says:

      Bat Boy is a mysterious character. Nobody really knows who’s side he’s on . . . But Delphi is definitely a friend.

  9. ssp Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Springs Elementary School. I am feeling really confused. I dont really get what is going on. i mean so he figures out that the whole thing was a trick. he see’s bat boy there and thinks that some person is trying to kidnap all the avials with wings. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  10. jsh Says:

    I am a student at Leon Springs Elementary.I am curiose about what is going to happen it grabed me by a hook and realled me in till now because I want to know whats going to happen to Roy Ray next.

  11. IEB Says:

    I am a fifth grader at Leon Spring Elemantary. My first clue was when they drugged him. I am both confused and curious because i dont really get whats happening so its kind of hard to place it all together. Im a bit confuse why they would drug him. But i think there working to get clues out of him about Mr.Godwit. They said they were both ( by both i mean Bobs brother Maxwell ) from Australia so they must be working to find him for some reasons unknown. I.m curious because they drugged him and brought him to a place where almost noone knows where he is. Also i have a suspensful feeling that the next chapters are going to br very exciting.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      I hope they’re going to be exciting! As for where Bob and Maxwell are from, it’s not from Australia. At the beginning of this chapter Roy Ray notices that Bob isn’t speaking with an accent, so that must mean they were only pretending to be from Australia. All this is going by to fast, though–unlike the early chapters that went too slow! As you can see, it’s not that easy to write a book.

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