Chapter Sixteen

They’re coming thick and fast, and I understand how some of you younger readers may be busy with end-of-school stuff to keep up.  But the plot is definitely thickening!  

We get a few things explained in this chapter–finally!  But we’re not to the end of the story yet, so the purpose of the explanation is to satisfy some curiosity but also to raise more questions.  Were you surprised to find out who’s also a prisoner?  Does his story (as far as it goes) make sense?  Read it here.


6 Responses to “Chapter Sixteen”

  1. max stoner Says:

    I wasn’t surprised at all that Mr G. was a prisoner. There were so many clues, like the way he disappeared, and the mysterious phone call. I also think you have the perfect amount of “cliff-hangers”. I’m always ravenous to read the next chapter! But I don’t think the chapter makes a lot of sense. I feel as if the story is moving along too quickly. It seems like there aren’t enough details. I do know who Luke Skywalker is though.

  2. Maureen Says:

    i agree. There are the perfect amount of cliffhangers. I just keep wanting to read! However, it’s not making alot of sense. It’s going along a bit fast. In the tin can(???) I think it could use more detail and explaining. In a book, some vagueness(Is that a word?) is a good thing but too much confuses the reader.

    • jbcheaney Says:

      “suspense” is better than vagueness, but there’s some concurrence about this chapter and the previous one needing some more context and fuller explanation. Looks like I need to speed up the earlier chapters and slow down these. As always, good to know.

  3. Emily@Behind the Bookcase Says:

    You got me to read all the way through chapter 18, so that’s a good sign I think. Chapter 16 I think is the one where I think I’ve finally caught the vision. Starting to see what all the build up has been about. I’m still a little confused about many of the details, but I think the relationship between Roy Ray and his teacher has some real heart to it, and it definitely makes me want to see more. As for the other characters, most of them seem a little sketchy, except for Bat Boy. He is such a delight. And he really fleshes out the story quite a bit, putting me in mind of Gollom, though Bat Boy certainly has his own idiosyncrasies. So, all in all, looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Maureen Says:

    Me again! I just read the extra chapters! They were fantastic! Perfectly written. Great cliff hangers and understood much better than the other chapters.

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