Speaking of Character…

I found this great quote from G. K. Chesterton, probably at the top of my list for quotable authors.  It’s from his biography of Charles Dickens, published in 1901:

No man encouraged his characters so much as Dickens.  The children of his fancy are spoilt children.  They shake the house like heavy and shouting schoolboys; they smash the story to pieces like so much furniture . . . when we experience the ungovernable sense of life which goes along with the old Dickens sense of liberty, we experience the best of the revolution.  We are filled with the  first of democratic doctrines: that are men are interesting.

My sister told me something like that once: “I don’t believe anybody is really boring.”  She was probably right.  It sounds like a doctrine that should belong in a fiction writer’s creed.


One Response to “Speaking of Character…”

  1. mystic7ruins11 Says:

    Sweet. I like that quote. I write as a hobby and my characters I have realized are at best skeptical and at worst cynical. Poke one with a stick they are likely to poke back. They grabbed my story like a banana crate raided by monkeys. Sometimes they refuse to move. But for me, art is art no matter what canvas we use.

    You can catch me at http://mysticruinscitadel.wordpress.com/. It contains links to my other sites where I house my stories in progress.

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