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May 21, 2010

One thing I’ve decided from posting these chapters and gathering comments: the first several chapters are too slow, and the last chapters are too fast.  So I need to streamline the front, and expand on the back.  Also, one reason for my posting these chapters in the first place was that I wasn’t too happy with the ending of the story.  It obviously leaves you hanging and opens the way for another installment in the series.  Certainly there’s potential for a series, but the story needs to come to more of a conclusion than it does.  Check it out here.  Any suggestions?


Chapter Twenty-One

May 21, 2010

We finally meet these people that Mr. G has mentioned and the narrative has hinted at since at least Chapter Four.  Some commenters in the earlier chapters have suggested that other bird people seems to make Roy Ray less special, and the story might be better without them.  Do you agree or disagree?  Read the chapter, and let me know back here.

Chapter Twenty

May 18, 2010

The challenge before Roy Ray is to reach the other bird people–if they exist–rescue them if they want to be rescued, find Mr. G if he can and get everybody above ground before they all get caught.  Should be easy . . . NOT!  You’ll notice that he and Delphi are working together: he’s her eyes, and she’s his ears.  But does it seem that he gets out of trouble in this chapter too easily?  Or does it seem just about the right amount of difficulty?  Think about what obstacles he faces and how he overcomes them, then come back and tell me your thoughts.

Chapter 19

May 12, 2010

In this chapter Roy Ray makes his big move.  I don’t particularly approve of his method, because I think young men should have  more respect for girls.  But maybe not these girls.  To see what I’m talking about, read the chapter here.

Chapter Seventeen and Eighteen

May 12, 2010

I was in Florida all last week and got a little behind, so we’ll do a little marching in double-quick time.   In chapter 17 you’ll discover something important about that radio, and find out who “the professor” really is.  In Chapter 18 Roy Ray hits bottom, discovering himself at the lowest point yet.  Will he climb out of his pit of despair, or sink even lower?  You probably can guess the answer to that one, but to learn the particulars, start here.  Then come back and comment.

Chapter Sixteen

April 29, 2010

They’re coming thick and fast, and I understand how some of you younger readers may be busy with end-of-school stuff to keep up.  But the plot is definitely thickening!  

We get a few things explained in this chapter–finally!  But we’re not to the end of the story yet, so the purpose of the explanation is to satisfy some curiosity but also to raise more questions.  Were you surprised to find out who’s also a prisoner?  Does his story (as far as it goes) make sense?  Read it here.

Chapter Fifteen

April 29, 2010

Two more characters introduced in this chapter, plus a closer look at someone we’ve met.  Since you know Bat Boy is in the vicinity, it won’t be giving anything away to ask at this point: do you think he might be a friend or a foe?  Or . . . neither?   Go here to read the chapter, then  please come back!

Chapter Fourteen

April 23, 2010

Roy Ray finds himself in a place that could be anywhere.  The situation doesn’t look that threatening at first–it’s comfortable and his host seems friendly, but what hints do you see that that this place may not be as nice as it seems?  Also, two new characters appear who aren’t really new at all.  One you’ll recognize, the other probably not.  I’d say more, but I don’t want to give any more away.  The question is, this chapter introduces a brand-new situation and you don’t know any more than Roy Ray does.  But you should at least know that much.  That is, you should feel the same kind of curiosity he does and want to find out what’s going on.  But if it’s too confusing, you’ll just feel. . . . confused.  So what is it?  Are you curious or confused?   Go here to read the chapter, then let me know what you think.

Chapter Thirteen

April 20, 2010

“The die is cast”–ever heard that saying?  The Roman general and politician Julius Caesar supposedly said that when he made up his mind to go to Rome and start a war with his rival Quirinius Pompey.  Then he led his army across the Rubicon River and the war started.  Ever since, “crossing the Rubicon” has become a figure of speech for making a decision or performing an action that you can’t back out of.  Most stories have a “crossing the Rubicon” moment, or several, and here’s Roy Ray’s moment.  But he doesn’t exactly cross the Rubicon–he’s carried over it.  He didn’t make the decision, but he’s going to have to bear the consequences of it, and at first it looks like . . . But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.    You can read the chapter here.

My main question for this chapter is, do you understand what’s happened at the end? And did you see it coming?

Chapter Twelve

April 15, 2010

Everything’s in place for Roy Ray to set off on his journey, but a few details need to be taken care of here. For one, Roy Ray has to get Delphi on his team so she’ll be there when he needs her later, but since she’s reluctant to get involved, he needs to give her a good reason.  What do you think of his reason–does it make sense?

 I’ve mentioned “ominous” before, but this is the chapter for ominous.  The title of the chapter gives it away, but there are two specific things that help create that bad feeling.  One is said, and one is done.  It seemed to me that I needed a whole chapter to set up a sense of ominous-ness about the tour.  But maybe not.  Should I just get on with the tour?